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Learn to Become an Art Teacher

February 4, 2022

You’ve got artistic talent and you love kids. Maybe you’ve been told you’re bubbly and great with people, but you’re wondering if you need experience teaching in order to get a foot in the door teaching fine art. Maybe you feel your art skills need to be stronger for you to get started. 

It’s time to take a step toward the best job in the world: teaching drawing and painting skills to kids.

Drawing ability is mandatory. Teaching experience is not required.

Imagine being paid to enjoy a 20 to 40-hour course that actually improve your own drawing and painting skills while you learn exactly how to use a world-class curriculum to impart those same skills with others. Imagine learning, step-by-step how to connect with children and teens individually, meeting them at their level.

Imagine connecting with a caring, supportive team and learning that yes, you can teach, and keep refining your instructive approach over time. 

At Art Steps, we are experts in teaching classical, realistic drawing and painting skills to all ages, so if you have started walking down the path of committing to art in your life, we can teach you everything else you need to know.

Now hiring:
  • Studio teachers in Orange County, CA
  • Online teachers from anywhere in the continental U.S. 

Part-time and full-time positions available. We warmly welcome you to contact us, and we look forward to hearing from you!