Art Steps - Classes Ages Four - Adult
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Art Steps  - Step by Step art instruction
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At Art Steps, Students work step-by-step on a wide variety of subject matter such as animals, landscape, still-life, figure drawing and more, in media including pastel, color pencil, markers, graphite, charcoal, watercolor, acrylic and oil.

Classes are relaxed and respectful, where students enjoy focusing on the quiet activity of learning to see, and inspirational teachers challenge each student to work toward his or her individual, artistic potential. An individualized curriculum helps us work toward each student's interests and preferences, so that each class is lively and engaging. Just as a person learns to read and write before becoming an author, our philosophy is that "creativity follows mastery". With the student and teacher working together, hands-on skills are built one upon another, until that student becomes a highly skilled oil painter, and can use the skills learned as a foundation to go in any artistic direction he or she chooses.

At Art Steps, We Provide:

  • A solid foundation in realistic, classical drawing and painting skills
  • A cheerful, caring studio community where people feel at ease
  • Step-by-step guidance and mentorship, inspiring students at every level to enjoy working toward their individual, artistic goals
  • Helpful resources, encouraging artists to thrive!

How our students progress using the Art Steps step-by-step method:

Skills in First Month
Skills after six months
Skills after one year
Skills in first month
Skills after six months
Skills after eighteen months